Mary Jane

I ride high on the white crest of a smoke wave Sucking in the thick and enlightening fog Through a straw of paper and grass. The taste is sweet and tangy And meant… Continue reading

Dinner Time!

The sun rises on DragonBeast shaking off the morning dew, only for grr to notice a grumbling noise coming from a not so distant source. “Who’s there!” DragonBeast exclaims, looking around grr home… Continue reading

Little Bee

A legato B flat Floats on wings of lace and silk That stretch out and glide Among birds of feathered kind Who direct their flap to Northern climes. Curling into a wave That… Continue reading


Tiny threads weave memories That slip through spindly fingers. The granules make a wise dust That floats into the wind And gets whipped around the earth. The old souls forever alive in howls… Continue reading

National Coming Out Day

In honor of national coming out day. Only creative fun post today!!! This is a picture from a campaign I worked on during school. There had been hate crimes on campus against gay… Continue reading

Shattered Friendship.

When Coming Out, I can’t help but think about everything I’ve lost on the way. I feel a deep sense of mourning for lost time, lost opportunities, and shattered friendships – something I… Continue reading

Coming Out and Accepting My Fate.

Coming Out. After a year of healing, I’ve returned to my own reality – people and ambitions for work. To say the least I was/am absolutely TERRIFIED. I have no desire to hide… Continue reading

Midnight Playground

Whip. Swoosh.An invisible boundary passes by,And a fantasy worldOf sprightly danceAnd electric flashes surrounds us.My snuggled feet grazeA snowy land,While my body ridesA pendulum swing. As many do with beautiful dreams,I commit myself… Continue reading

DragonBeast’s Morning Flight

Daybreak. DragonBeast’s head roars to life as specks of nighttime dew rest on each of grr many scales. With a jaw-stretching yawn, DragonBeast moves out of the cold shade of grr home cave… Continue reading

Not Alone

Not Alone Pebbles tumble though the blood stream, Sending quakes of terror Into the organs, Searching ambitiously for your core – The soul of human flesh. Suddenly, A soft, gentle hand rests against… Continue reading