To Physically Transition or Not…

I am a transgender dad in a gay relationship who breastfeeds his baby boy. My friend read my mind (and unfortunately made me cry, but in a good way). I have been thinking… Continue reading

Let’s get a move on!

This poem is really appropriate right now. Working hard to move out of never ending identity crisis into longer term goals on work and social life 🙂 As my Dad says “Go Go… Continue reading

Yearbooks and Hurricane Sandy.

  Time for an an Ollie Update! Hurricane Sandy pummeled the coast with me hidden at home with candles. The continued lack of understanding and control over my fluctuations between self hatred and… Continue reading

Force of Nature

Although written many months ago, I still think this poem is appropriate for post-Sandy reflections. Air molecules Bubble up through the throat, Then slip over the tongue, Weeze past the teeth And spill… Continue reading

Mignons of Lucifer

“All that bullshit you talk Ain’t gonna work today.” Hell the fuck no. I rise above the concrete streets On an angel’s steel wings. An angel fallen from the lofty clouds of heaven… Continue reading

Fresh Start: Back Home. Let’s find a job, friends, and therapist.

So I’ve just moved back to my Dad’s house on Long Island. No one else is here, except for the folks who are working on the house, and my dad and his wife… Continue reading

Mirror Mirror on the Wall.

In this world, mirrors are demons with green eyes. I look into one with a simple dusty brown frame to find a ghost, the girl of dreams, or at other times a witch.… Continue reading

Making sense of my racial/ethnic development.

I find it hard to understand my development around race and ethnicity. I have often censored my words and experiences because of the political correctness, binary thinking, and racism in America. My mother… Continue reading

Spirit Animal

i am frog frog like hop hop i do do loves fly fly goes smack smack is yum i am frog. From Ollie: yes this is a fun release but totally necessary in… Continue reading

Night Time Blues – Pussy of the Week

I’ve had a few annoying experiences I gotta get off my chest. The first was when I was hanging out with a cousin (who I came out to as trans earlier in the… Continue reading