9-11. Trying to Fit In.

My ass burns from the rectangular heater I’m sitting on as a troop of boys from across the hill crowds in from the outside. I laugh with my dormmate as the cold evening… Continue reading

Being not Becoming Male*

I have been a man* for as long as I can remember. True, it took me a long time to understand what I was experiencing and accept what that experience meant, but always… Continue reading

10 Reasons Why I’m Excited to Start T!

I’m starting T in 5 days. Yes! So excited to move on to my next step of transition, or what I think of as revealing. I’m gonna focus on the positive today. Here… Continue reading

Mystery Smell.

The stench spreads day after day. It fills our nostrils with unexpected companions, as we, my roommates and I, increasingly debate its place of origin. I have lived here for three years, but… Continue reading

Playing With Expression :P

Discovering His Landscape.

I search out the origins Of one thrilling scent In the crevices of skin. I touch my lips to his warm body That breathes with my every touch And intoxicates my pores Until… Continue reading

Trans* Enough or Just Me Enough?

Trans* Enough. What does it mean to be trans* enough and why is it that so many of us (myself included) feel we have to justify our personal inclination towards this word? The… Continue reading

All in One. (FYI: This is about the space between the legs ;)

I hope everyone had a good holiday season! It has been a while since I posted and need to get back in the groove. A lot has happened. Part of the reason I… Continue reading

Settling In 2 a Changed Reality.

Wow. Sorry y’all I haven’t posted in a while. Here’s a song to make up for the absence: Tupac “Changes” Nothing deep or poetic today – just an update. I spent Thanksgiving with… Continue reading

The Art of Quack :>

“Quack Quack!” My dull yellow yapper Flies open with purpose. “Quack.” A sturdy gyration Of my pointed pink muscle Whips my quack in front. “Quack Quack.” Remember… Do not close In between quacks.… Continue reading