Whispering Dunes.

My eyes gaze out at an ocean of sand that dances with warm winds. Stars twinkle on high like fireflies given the opportunity to take center stage. Tonight I burn with them, as… Continue reading

Romance in Marrakech

The air steams as if peeling off a chicken – hot, crisp, and stewing in juice. Like a rainstorm of arrows, spices pierce nostrils drawing blood smelling of cumin and saffron. Narrow streets… Continue reading

If I was on an island, would I still go on Testosterone?

My brother asked me this question and it threw me for a bit of a loop. It felt like a trick question that I was immediately uncomfortable with. Despite my hesitation, I found… Continue reading

The Privilege of Sound.

Trickle dee deep. Trickle dee deep. Plunge onto her porous cover, Seep past her earthly scars Warm the blood that lies beneath And energize her heart. Lala Lala. Lala Lala. Prancing winds with… Continue reading

First Generation. Baghdad I still feel you.

  Lowkey, a conscious rap/hip hop artist with Iraqi parents born and raised in England. Cradle of Civilization expresses the nostalgia, connection, pain, anger, and confusion one can feel as a first generation… Continue reading

Rainbow Complexion.

It’s a war of beauty, Taking place on the atomic level Where I find myself caught in the middle Like a sea turtles riding the current And completely trusting their instincts. When a… Continue reading

Battles of the Soul.

I exist in the in-between Netherlands of identity and politics. The fucking shit hole everyone decides to fight their wars on. No one cares about the scars places on our skin. Sometimes people… Continue reading

Added some hormones to my life today! T Day.

I woke up this morning to a new day! It had snowed and the ground was covered with white fluff. The first flurry that hadn’t melted upon immediate contact with the ground. It… Continue reading

Films at MOMA including a Tribute to Marlon Riggs.

“The tribute, which will include 3 feature-length films by Riggs, will, according to a MoMA press release… “… exemplify his insightful investigations into the ways racism and homophobia were embedded in American television,… Continue reading

Lost Boys.

The cracked surface of aged bark Gives character to the drudging oak. A weighty shell of thick protection for future years Stripped off only by the peck of a hairy, The nails of… Continue reading