5.5 Months on T!

The changes the changes the changes. I haven’t been writing much lately because I really wanted to experience puberty without writing down every little piece. Too caught in the details, and not enough of the general puberty splendor. I want to experience the hormonal changes as if it were cis-puberty (meaning puberty for a person who identifies/relates with their anatomical body of birth and doesn’t constantly think about being a different gender). Surely it is not the same, but many things are and I don’t want to obsess over the differences that make me feel like an outcast, at least not right now. This is my puberty, not trans or norm or gay or whatever, just what it is for me…. and it’s FABulous šŸ™‚ The physical and emotional transformation of puberty has proved better than I expected. Although, I consider it possible to have achieved this transformation without hormones, I am glad I (personally) did not have to.

Some highlights.

Physical labor has made me stronger, bigger, faster than ever. My pre-T self worked out just as hard, but never with these results!! I am thrilled!!! Although, it does make me realize how hard I worked before and how frustrating it was to never be seen as strong, an equal.

Hair Hair Hair. Yes I was hairy before, and now I’m getting even hairier. I already have some facial hair. It grew much faster than expected and that only makes me wonder how hairy I will get (pretty psyched)… Also I find myself looking forward to those little indentations off the forehead indicating the beginnings of losing hair (if only it will stop there :/)

Voice dropped low. Moving from a high soprano to (possibly) a bass is a very strange feeling. The air just moves in your mouth differently.

Few tears. The crying has dwindled to a trickle down a ghost waterfall.

Although I’ve experienced other changes to my body, at this point, the differences written here have had the largest impact on how I live and feel confident in my daily life. In other words, T and my increased ability to pass (or loved ones taking me seriously) allows for illuminations/expressions of character that had not previously occurred.

If anyone has any questions or musings, they’d like to ask me, please don’t hesitate! I would love to hear from you šŸ™‚ In the mean time, I’m going to work on some new posts.