Ten Different Geometries

Purple as the blossom
On a lily pad flower
Drawing flies to the nectar
Where pollen snuggles into hairs.

At once reproducing
Into a marvelous and splendid sea
Where the waves curl and twirl
Like the pointed feet of a Ballet.

More movement, more foam
That bonds into salt crystals
With ten different geometries
Where one is a seed

Soon to become a tree
And husk, now a buoy.
They float, bounce
And bump into other islands

In this place that is called
The Purple Sea’s Forest.


Sorry it has been so long! I realize I haven’t written for almost a month and I departed on a down beat. So I hope this poem reflects my energy shift. I’m feeling really good, and have lots of hope (especially with the summer months coming!) and excited to share my recent journeys and revelations.