Week 2 T Shot Didn’t Go Well

Intramuscular Testosterone Cypionate.

Intramuscular Testosterone Cypionate.

Note to self on T injections.

1. Eat first
2. Watch DIY Videos
3. Ask someone to sit with me
4. Take my time
5. Relax the leg
6. Don’t freak out!

I took my second T shot this week. It went pretty horribly, at least in terms of shot taking. I was so anxious to take another shot, I did it first thing in the morning before anyone else was awake. I only had the knowledge from my last appointment with the endocrinologist. I felt tight and it was hard to relax my leg (last time my leg hurt for a few days after the shot but I’ve read this is normal). I pulled out the liquid without a problem (150 mg) then punctured my leg. After pulling out the syringe I noticed liquid was coming out and I got really upset (although I did read this could happen). I immediately pulled up a bit more T and noticed I hadn’t even fully injected the prior amount. I punctured myself again and this time it noticeably hurt. After pulling out some blood oozed out of the spot. I had read that if you inject T into a vein it can kill you. I had asked my endo about this (the usual protocol pulling up on the syringe to check for blood before injecting), but he said not to worry.

After seeing the blood, I got even more scared, anxious, and frustrated with myself. So much so I ended up feeling dizzy, light headed and fainted right there in the bathroom. Since this has happened to me at different times throughout my life (although I’ve never fully understood why), I knew I had to get somewhere to lay down and maybe have some food. When I woke back up with items knocked over I pulled up my pants, grabbed my T and syringe and headed back to the couch I was sleeping on. I fainted one more time before making it all the way there. I laid down hoping I would wake up with more strength in thirty minutes. Fortunately I did with lesson learned. I think I ultimately took 200mg (not a problem, but not my plan).