Whispering Dunes.

My eyes gaze out at an ocean of sand that dances with warm winds. Stars twinkle on high like fireflies given the opportunity to take center stage. Tonight I burn with them, as we become lost in stories of music, poetry, literature, and travel; Laughing at moments of miscommunication as we sparkle at nature’s gentle beauty. His eyes are honest and sweet; his lips are soft and safe. I want to feel him, arouse him, forget about everything by being with him, and thank him in the best way I know how.

Our kisses are intoxicating in this grand amphitheatre. My toes wiggle into the warm sand as we dance, making us excited. He digs a chair for me out of sand dune, and I find myself flattered by his care. I speed up the encounter with extra passion, but he surprises me. He tells me slow down. I am offended, but then… I do not care. I am relieved. We sit together, hold hands, and stare at the silent stars. Eventually he slips off to bed, leaving me to dazzle alone, splendidly happy. Eventually I too head for sleep by rolling down the curve of the dune to the tents at it’s base. I curl into bed next to my sister and fall asleep to dream of fireflies talking of magic.