First Generation. Baghdad I still feel you.


Lowkey, a conscious rap/hip hop artist with Iraqi parents born and raised in England. Cradle of Civilization expresses the nostalgia, connection, pain, anger, and confusion one can feel as a first generation person. His songs heal my soul while ripping open the wounds. I only wish he’d not left out the Jews. Why does everyone seem to want to erase Arab Jews from history and reality? Is it a cosnscious decision or is it simply ignorance? It’s hard to believe he’s never heard of us. I can’t stop listening to the song.

We’re stuck in between the racism and nationalism of Israel and America, besides the anti-semiticism from the Arab world, esp governments. Why do few with any power seem to understand that you can be both Arab and Jew, an Iraqi Jew who longs for Iraq and cries for Iraq and has loved ones living in Israel (also Arab Jews). I don’t have the luxury of choosing a side without repercussions from my own soul. I WON’T pick a side, but I will tell the truth and fight on the side of it. Truth is not defined to being Arab or being Jew. These two aspects of me are not separate!

This is for Baghdad, the place of my mothers birth
The cradle of civilization, for what it’s worth
The land I’ve never the seen, culture I’ve never known
Iraq is in my heart, my blood, my flesh and bones
The air I’ve never breathed, fragrance I’ve never smelled
The pride I never had, the nationality that I never felt
Saddam was bad, are the American’s even more so?…
Where is our freedom?
Forget division based on ethnicity or religion
Whether you Sunni, Shia, Kurdish or Christian
Pain is still pain if you’re a person that’s missing
We all deserve a life in this earth that we live in
Is there enough words that can say
How deeply Baghdad is burning today?
And it’s not about pity, hands out or sympathy
It’s about pride, respect, honour and dignity
Those babies aren’t just Iraqi, they’re Mesopotamian
What I view on the news is making me shiver
Cause I look at the victims and see the same face in the mirror
This system of division makes it harder for you and me
Peace is a question, the only answer is unity!