Rainbow Complexion.

It’s a war of beauty,
Taking place on the atomic level
Where I find myself caught in the middle
Like a sea turtles riding the current
And completely trusting their instincts.

When a frenzied concoction of spices
Descends on my senses
I know a whirlwind,
Whose power hails from all directions,
Is on the move.

The crisp northern wind arrives with a pointed snap!
The south sends a slight tickle
Through reeds that sing of the salted ocean.
A massive freight train from the west
Signals its arrival with a wicked slap.
The east twirls under a red and yellow blanket,
Warming the region with giddy touch.

Alas! A tornado is seen riding on the whirlwind’s tail
And for a moment I look forward to
The natural elements wild blender –
To ride the air with tables
And cows, until
Thump –
Back on solid earth

When memory is recalled
And then serves me right,
I remember the terror
Caused by this Grand Entrance:
It Pulls apart the senses,
Followed by the destruction of clarity,
The body gets devoured,
The heart foreclosed on,
And when that tornado arrives
The imposing of an identity.

What am I talking about!?
All this rambling is just paranoia,
For the weather is only the weather
And this feared terror nothing worse
Than a nightmare of misdirected imagination
Due to simple chemical imbalance.

Oh where is my center dear lord,
My jade stone holding me down.
My toes long for soil
And the pleasure of each granule
Rubbing against the tender skin.
Keep me connected dear stone
From the winds of lands both near and far
For I have no wish to pretend I can fly.

Snapping into confidence,
I remember that I am a dancer of the wind
And when I close my eyes
I can glide like snow
In craggy mountains
Or endless grassy plains
Where the whirlwind’s absurd terrors
Disintegrate like fall leaves.

A flurry of broken flashbacks
Consumes the conscious mind.
The images of another whirlwind
That had succeeded
To kill my imagination,
And in tune my joy,
To ignore my child
And along with it my rationality,
To dismiss my swing
And my God is gone.

Angry, I scream in a cracked voice,
“How dare you try again
To beat down the life force that I am”

Oh my cherished rainbow complexion
You are more valuable than intellect
Keeping me sane,
Keeping me humble,
You open my eyes to humanity
Where there is no black or white,
There is no either or,
And truth and deception live only as perspectives.

Someone please come outside
And bring a bright light with you
So we may see the mechanism of force inside
A glimmer of the whirlwind’s power,
And a clue to its vulnerability.

With new insight to find iron anchors
To weigh my body down against the tornado’s pull
I rejoice in a crazed world and say that
I am indeed my father’s child
And mourn my doggy friends.
I am the momentary mother
For a bat named Esmerelda,
And publicize the frog spirit well.

Rainbow outside my window after Hurricane Sandy.

Rainbow outside my window after Hurricane Sandy.

I embody my own queerness
And sing with spicy breath.

Finally, the whirlwind slows to a gentle whistle
That lets me breathe
A sigh of relief…
And release a tear of joy
That rolls down my cheek.
I ask the whirlwind never to come again
For the killing of my rainbow complexion
Would be killing all that I am.