Discovering His Landscape.

Photo by Abdul Hadi.

Photo by Abdul Hadi.

I search out the origins
Of one thrilling scent
In the crevices of skin.

I touch my lips to his warm body
That breathes with my every touch
And intoxicates my pores
Until every hair stands on end,
Tingling with awakened passion.

Like fireflies in the prairie at dusk,
His every indentation invites my gaze
And then my tongue –
The cozy nook at his neck,
The delicate folds behind his knee,
The moldable lobe of his ear.

Warm breath follows
Then rides down his spine
Every. Single. Step.
Only to nip a trembling inner thigh
And gently tug a lonesome hair.

Feeling his body shudder and
Even pull against mine.
I connect and become one
With every pleasure
That excites my fingertips
By making their nerve endings dance.

With hand firm on his shoulder,
I Lose myself in the bliss of his scruff,
While our fingers lace desperately
And I bring in that scent –
That scent that so delights.