The Art of Quack :>

“Quack Quack!”
My dull yellow yapper
Flies open with purpose.

A sturdy gyration
Of my pointed pink muscle
Whips my quack in front.

“Quack Quack.”
Remember… Do not close
In between quacks.
Maintain the flow of air
For then the quack travels
Further and faster

Look. The farmer heard me.
The same path every day –
Stamping out seed and
Compacting dirt.

“Quack Quack”
He speaks to me with a smile.
He’s obeying the mighty quack.

Now don’t forget.
To keep up the “Quack!”
Or he might lose focus.
Sway side to side on each foot.
Maintain the waddle,
Inching closer to his feet.

Then when all else fails,
“Quack” to the right,
And “quack” to the left
Pretending you don’t notice
His distraction.
No one likes to feel bossed around.
Not even a farmer.