Let’s get a move on!

This poem is really appropriate right now. Working hard to move out of never ending identity crisis into longer term goals on work and social life šŸ™‚ As my Dad says “Go Go Go GoGo Go GoGo” (of course there’s a rhythm)

Moving quickly
We turn the page
From one story to the next.

As the once upon a time
Of an individual life,
Initiates a sprint around the track
As a coach – if lucky –
Urges yet another lap.

Sometimes an abrupt standstill can overwhelm
where change advances like an icicle
melting in the spring thaw.
Our minds fill with doubt
And our ineptitude seems apparent.

It appears life moves
at all manner of speeds,

As a concept, I understand this
Fluctuating experience of time,
but theoretical comprehension
does not equal life control.
It would be a formidable feet
To control the pace of time
Making anything achievable.

As I hope for magical enlightenment
In the skills of time control,
I rejuvinate my muscles from the last lap
And sit confused,
Waiting for the next string of advice
from a coach that no longer exists.

Continuing on in an
Abyss of endless time
I wait both patiently and desperately
For inspiration from a foreign body
Only to realize
Iā€™m in charge of my own fate.