Force of Nature

Although written many months ago, I still think this poem is appropriate for post-Sandy reflections.

Air molecules
Bubble up through the throat,
Then slip over the tongue,
Weeze past the teeth
And spill out of flesh.

Another collection follows suit,
Only in reverse,
Ultimately finding
Bounding inch by inch
Down a hemoglobin river
Taking them up
Like a sponge.

Not the typical lazy river,
These molecules travel on inner-tubes
While enzymes and selfish vagabonds
Transform them. Sections
Becoming a part of the flesh
Feeding it with energy,
While the rest exit
Along the throat path
Until taken up again.
A never ending source of life.

For my own part,
I hold a deep connection
With the molecules
That inhabited me.
I sense their history
Touching my sister,
My grandmother,
My dog Zimba, and also
The birds flying above,
The American Beach I read under,
And the roaches scurrying about.

The pain of past partners
Scream out at me
As they die off from
Neglect and invasion.

I weep, as only one
with a kindred heart could,
For the future, I do not dare foresee.
I imagine the force of my species
Swallowing the earth whole.

I wish to change this fate,
To change this path,
As I hold those around,
And plead with them.

Allow yourself
To imagine
A world worth
Worth loving.

“Imagine the dream is possible
Through family and creativity
Through silence and our mind
When its brilliance combines to its will.
Through the reverence and awe for
Our home and our comrades.

“Now open your hearts
Believe that it matters
Your choices matter
And never rest
Until the dream comes true.”

I love our drama and our tears,
Our fears and our dreams
Our passions and our obsessions.
We deserve a world linked
Where success of one
Means the success of all.

“We (all air touches)
Must survive”
And everyone rejoices
Then gets to work.

Inspired by the movie: The Force of Nature with David Suzuki.