Mignons of Lucifer

“All that bullshit you talk
Ain’t gonna work today.”

Hell the fuck no.
I rise above the concrete streets
On an angel’s steel wings.
An angel fallen from the lofty clouds of heaven
To the screaming dungeons of Lucifer’s hell
Where the clammy hands of a clumsy mignon
– Or petit mignon for that is what they are called –
Burns a tattooed image to inner eyelids
And subsequently glues them shut.

A new face with a slight smile,
And corners that tweak gingerly,
Consumes my sight
And drives me to shout:
Fuck you God!

When the stenciled face erupts into a violent cackle,
The sound resonates into a deep echo
Bouncing off the walls of Hell’s lowest level
And sneaking into my ears to call upon
A performance named: Slow dance of the Immortal.
My body curls into crimson flames
Bursting forth from invisible embers
While my voice screeches among those
Who’s bodies have already been charred into dust.

Riding on a chariot adorned with
Electric eels still squirming with life
Lucifer, yes I know his name,
Sends gleeful tremors to break apart
Earth’s hardened crust,
Releasing his petit mignons
With a directive: To gather new allies.

Like a prehistoric cockroach
That lives under both sun and moon,
They tour around on high-pitched squeaks
Wreaking havoc on the land with sharp claws
Making man vulnerable to manipulative dreams.

Those bulging eyes force me to assume
You are a clever mortal.
Then I shall not dare treat You a fool.
And will answer this question with a Nod.
Yes, I am one of them.
– A petit mignon if you please –
I laugh, burn, and scratch my eyes
And my memories of comfort were long ago
Lost to oblivion when Lucifer gave me flight,
The power held in the loss of sight.

You are right to fear this world apart,
Daring to bring You down
To the fiery pits where slugs reside.
To the dangerous throws – CRACK! –
A fawn’s fresh heart gets devoured
When the flash of daggers bore into gummy flesh
After hunting, what usually only haunts,
A fawn that bursts forth in haste.

My devil and king,
My soul mate for life,
Lucifer keeps our, and I dare (again)
Say, your world spinning
While You humans change,
Or as You say evolve,
Into nothing but a speck of dust.
You are a fossil on the tallest mountain,
Long forgotten, long dead.
A tale of days gone by
Oozing into the new sea.
For You, just as I, are animals.
Dirty creatures evolved to make
Hell on earth
As only Lucifer’s directives can do right.

Thank You dear friend – Your act will bring me great favor.
Leaving me to stare blindly as Lucifer gives the gift of new wings.