Fresh Start: Back Home. Let’s find a job, friends, and therapist.

So I’ve just moved back to my Dad’s house on Long Island. No one else is here, except for the folks who are working on the house, and my dad and his wife flock down to Florida for the winters. I’m excited to say I have fixed up my room and put up many hangings that haven’t been pulled out since the school days – so my room doesn’t quite look so kid-like anymore. Everything in the room is blue (oh the sub-conscious is so funny some times) and I have a great view. Although just to say I’ve never really lived in this house (unless you count my depression months after graduating when I did nothing), since my Dad did not get it until after I was away at boarding school. So it’s kind of a strange feeling to be here, and plan to really LIVE here. So I’m feeling good so far. The rest of the house is quite large and I feel pretty lonely in it so my room is where I’ll be spending most of my time, unless I’m cooking or out.

Soon I’ll be heading into the local town to look for a job. I put Ollie on my resume and am excited (and really nervous) to put myself out there to people I don’t know. My first stop is for a host position at a theatre house, and then a sales position for a tea shop. Yay! Never facing a job search as an out trans person (who doesn’t fully pass), I’m not sure what to expect. I’m hoping it will be uneventful, but successful. Also reaching out for a new therapist in the area and hoping to volunteer at the nearby LGBT center. The dawn is rising on a new day.

Thanks to everyone who has followed this blog so far! It’s been a great outlet and really helped build up my confidence and feel connected to a larger group of people. Here’s to you for keeping me going – Here’s to us for loving!


“You can’t break free of destiny except by mastering it. The truly free man, the perfect man, is the one who can say at the end of his days: I am my own fate.”

– Shimon Ballas