Dinner Time!

The sun rises on DragonBeast shaking off the morning dew, only for grr to notice a grumbling noise coming from a not so distant source. “Who’s there!” DragonBeast exclaims, looking around grr home cave for the noisy invader. Finally grr eyes rest on a round and friendly place.

“You could’ve told me more gently. “ DragonBeast tells grr belly in a fatherly tone. “But, yes, you’re right, we haven’t eaten in days.” With that, grr waddles off to the air.

With the necessary rollercoaster entrance into the wind, DragonBeast circles around to the Southeast corner of the valley instead of to the clouds. There a large meadow welcomes grr feet and heavy scales with the soft and ticklish embrace only grass variety can provide with DragonBeast landing with a slow trot that stalls into a cozy squat. Then, in grr hunched position, an angry song stirs the air – er grumble bumble bubble creak… Again, grr eyes rest on grr belly. “Really?” Grr asks with an air of annoyance. “You know I’m on my way. Can’t you see?”

This only causes belly to respond with an even louder ROAR.

Which DragonBeast dutifully replies, “Guess not.”

To avoid any further argument with grrself, DragonBeast stands up and waddles in toward the dense forest in the north. Along the way grr chomps down on some appetizers – Grr favorites being the most succulent bright green grass of medium height, and the ever-popping dandelions. The tactic successfully subdues grr belly to a bubble bubble bubble…

A few hundred yards beyond the forest lies Bird Lake. DragonBeast imagines the tastey morsels to be found there with pictures of grouse, peacock, goose, and even mmm teradactile. With this, grr mouth drips out a string of sticky saliva only to be quickly licked up by a pointed tongue. DragonBeast then remembers that grr worst scars came from pursuing teradactile prey, but they were still ever so delectable when the fight was over. Another lick of the lips travels around to the corner, flashing the white dagger teeth inside. DragonBeast turns grr thoughts away from the possible danger and puts grrself instead into prep mode by imagining only the tasty prize of success. This causes adrenaline to rush into grr veins, adding extra punch to grr waddle.

“We’re there together now, just stay under control down there and don’t distract me!” DragonBeast tells grr belly – immediately halting even the slightest bubble.

In the late morning, grr arrives at an expansive lake whose surface mirrors the sky’s colors of blue and white, and the tree’s leaves of multi green. After taking a peak around, DragonBeast decides the creature presence is lower than ideal, but still sufficient. Peaking grr head only just past the tree line, grr bends down to slurp down some lake water while grr eyes remain firmly aware of any movement. With grr thirst quenched, grr steps out into Bird Lake, feet sinking into the cushioned mud below.

Now, as we all know, DragonBeast is quite a large creature, which makes surprise attack near impossible. Instead grr depends on speed, fire, and finally claw and teeth to catch any prey. All of a sudden, DragonBeast’s sea-foam green eyes catch a glimpse of a flock of geese turning in from the west. Running on instinct and cravings, DragonBeast stretches out grr wings, pushes off from the consuming mud, and bolts into the open air. A few seconds, and the mighty propulsion of grr wings have grr moving at top speed.

“SQUAWK!” The goose leader cries out in warning. Immediately dispersing every member of the V-formation into random directions. Now only a hundred feet away from the utter panic, DragonBeast’s nostrils flare, lips purse, and inner cavity releases a thick cone of boiling fire. By first aiming grr flame to the left, right, then left again of the scattering bodies, grr funnels most of the geese into prime prey position. With grr precision right feet that each owns four sharp nails – individually the size of a single goose – DragonBeast grabs hold of a tattered feathered goose with grr right foot and then a freshly molted juvenile with grr left. Each one wiggles in a clenched claw. Maintaining focus, DragonBeast pulls forward, leading with the neck to grab hold of another lagging goose with grr front teeth and subsequently sends it into grr belly with one final chomp.

Calm success. DragonBeast closes grr eyes and sails across the breeze to slow the adrenaline and relish the taste of delish goose. When the goose leader squawk seems only a distant waterfall, grr swoops down to the water’s surface and throws each claw enclosed goose into the air and chomps down on each – the elder in two bites and the more lively juvenile in three.

“Yum!” DragonBeast grumbles with satisfaction, settling grrself down into the lake for some comfy digestion. Grr slurps up another collection of water.

“Are you happy belly?” No answer.

At a slower pace, DragonBeast pears at grr surroundings and nods to thank the lake and geese for their sustenance. Then, exhausted, DragonBeast drags grrself out of the lake at the same muddy entrance, and waddles along that same path back towards the meadow. In open territory, grr curls up for a nap among the grass and dandelions, breathing in the fresh scent of blossoming flowers and thinks to grrself “Belly you have great ideas!”