Midnight Playground

Whip. Swoosh.
An invisible boundary passes by,
And a fantasy world
Of sprightly dance
And electric flashes surrounds us.
My snuggled feet graze
A snowy land,
While my body rides
A pendulum swing.

As many do with beautiful dreams,
I commit myself to the magic
With eyes firmly closed.

The chain link creeks
On the rusty rungs of the swing
While wind whistles in the ears,
And whirls full dark hair
Into partner dance with a
Snowflake on holiday.
Keep them closed.

The pumping, bending of joints moves
Me into a rhythmic brilliance.
I tell them to
Send me flying, send me soaring
Into the grace of empty space.
Keep them closed.

Darkness abounds, with only
A soft flutter of light around the lamppost
Highlighting falling specks of burning matter
And twinkling shadows in the branches above.
A sliver of light enters my pupil
A moment of curiosity.
Keep them closed.

Sew them shut.
The needle giving way to
A warm drop of blood that
Slips and slides onto dark eyelashes,
Then trickles down a chilly, blushed cheek.
Keep them closed. 

Among the pulsing fireflies
Another has strewn themselves
Across a small one’s home
They rest as gentle as the air
Or as peaceful as the morning dove,
Breathing in, they release a cloud of life
In front of lidded eyes.
Keep them closed.

A sea brews ahead.
Hard waves crash against the bow.
While a mighty captain holds the wheel
Of a ship twirling gently, lost by its own will
At the snowflake carnival.
Oh captain! What shall happen to us?
Keep them closed.

As the moon rises –
We – the swinger, dreamer, and captain –
Climb to greater heights
Children of the midnight playground.