DragonBeast’s Morning Flight

Daybreak. DragonBeast’s head roars to life as specks of nighttime dew rest on each of grr many scales. With a jaw-stretching yawn, DragonBeast moves out of the cold shade of grr home cave and into the falling rays of sunlight. Shaking down grr body, from the nose to the tip of the tail, grr encourages the water droplets to skulk off. While breathing in a plentiful gulp of chilled air to arouse grrself, DragonBeast lets the sun’s warmth sink. Inch by inch grr scales are taken in, shivering off their starry dreams with each evaporating water molecule.

DragonBeast rests for a few minutes under the vibrating electrons raining down from the sky above, meditating with each breath. Finally, grr body is completely warm, allowing DragonBeast’s eyes to open. With quiet elation DragonBeast looks out into the world. The home habitat for DragonBeast is a beautiful and thriving valley, surrounded by many tall and jagged cliffs, one of which grr lives on. DragonBeast enjoys a spot in the lower section where the cliffs feel tallest. Here grr enjoys solitude, except from a few trees – two of which are quite large- high grass, and the occasional small flyers that stop in for a break and quick song.

For DragonBeast, the valley is a playground and hunting ground. This vantage point provides a view of all the valley’s reservoirs, meadows, and dense forest canopy. Grr estimates that at least half of the valley’s land remains hidden by hanging leaves, simultaneously hiding most of the valley’s residents and their scandals.

Just like DragonBeast, the valley residents arise with first light, but it often takes a few extra moments for their voices to reach grr. The morning chatter finally arrives on DragonBeast’s delicate ears, the sound sending a subtle smirk to grr face. DragonBeast adores this simple connection to others.

“Aaah! What a splendid morning we have here.” DragonBeast growls in a deep vibrato. ”The day is ripe for adventure.” As the concept enters grr mind, DragonBeast sits up, providing enough space for two sturdy wings to stretch out, each one the length of grr body – horn to tail. Fresh droplets of hidden dew flake off from the newly uncovered scales.

“It’s a good day for flying.” DragonBeast exclaims along with a tremor of excitement causing grr toes to wiggle. A new wave of bird twinkling reaches the DragonBeast, indicating their preparations for the first flight of the day. Grr imagines each one – the teradactile, the warbler, the goose, and even the wild turkey – doing the same as DragonBeast, stretching their wings. Even though some are as big as ONE of grr scales, most fly in the open air just as well, each suited to their own needs.

With this encouragement, DragonBeast erects to full height, puffing out grr chest, accentuating grr curvy neck. DragonBeast’s wings start to pump, sending blood and raising grr feet off the ground. DragonBeast hovers over to the cliff’s edge, only to swoop into mid-air. Grr glides along the cliff face, a blast of mossy air hitting the nostril and tongue, until finally grr turns upward, grr belly grazing the high meadow grass.  Since DragonBeast is one of the largest creatures of the valley, even in flight, grr presence can be felt everywhere by the changing air-flow and formidable sight.

DragonBeast enjoys riding at the highest of heights, above the cloud line where grr can hide from unnecessary viewers and avoid unwanted run-ins. So per usual routine DragonBeast heads in the cloud direction – up, up, and away – wings moving to a smooth beat. DragonBeast travels through the white mist of cloud. Here, grr can see the full outline of the sun, riding just above the eastern horizon shedding colors of yellow, orange, and a slight red blush at the edges. Grr starts to make figure eights in the clouds, causing grr heart to speed up.

“Hmmm… I think I need an extra jolt of adrenaline this morning.” DragonBeast says, steering grrself in the direction of a nearby jet-stream. Grr knows the daily wind patterns of the sky by heart, and the jet-streams are a roller coaster ride for any flyer capable of surviving the entry and exit. Being so strong and large, these pose no problems for most Dragons.

So begins a typical day for DragonBeast. Not the only dragon in the region, nor a particularly unique one in most ways. Grr spends most of grr time sleeping, flying, and when necessary eating. Although as DragonBeast would say: “Even in routine, I try to find joy in living, and new challenges to overcome.” Giving a wink and a breeze that makes all the non-dragon folk fall on their butts.