DragonBeast Explains Grr Pronoun

“I should introduce myself. My name is DragonBeast and I would like you to refer to me with the ‘grr’ pronoun. Used as a gender pronoun, ‘grr’ references a creature’s sense of self around gender. Grr who claims this pronoun does so with pride and a laugh. Now I think most of you know that any gender pronoun outside of the typical he or she, challenges the gender binary of our culture. By existing, grr says that there are creatures who exist outside of these gender traditions and all the associations therein, and I am one of them. Here are a few examples of how it works:

I don’t know what happened to grr! Grr has been flying with that geese flock for a week now.
Grr loves to eat dandelions and wild turkey in the valley meadow below.
DragonBeast left DragonLand to live by grrself five years ago, after an embarrassing flying incident.

“There are many types of grr identifying creatures in the world. I am not alone. They come in all sizes, species, colors, shapes, and eating habits. The grr persona cannot be reduced to one of these creatures, and any that claim authority over it undermine its very spirit. The commonality can be explained through three
central attributes:

a. A grrowl.A statement in warning to not cross a line.
b. A grrrr. Similar to that of a cat’s prr. it can be used during physical or vocal interactions.
c. Tigrr. The joyful, active, bouncy, and sometimes clumsy character of Winnie the Pooh (Yes of course I know about our striped friend!).

“What do these have to do with gender you ask? Let’s see:

a. Respect: Grrowl. A statement of the fact that gender assumptions and the traditional gendered way of viewing a creature cannot be used when speaking or working with grr. It’s a warning to respect grr in this position, seen to many as outside of normal.
b. Play: Grrrr. A lightheared note, the sound of which encourage smiles. It is a proclamation that grr doesn’t want grr gender pronoun to be taken too seriously or strictly. Deconstructing gender and expressing oneself honestly can be a difficult process, but using the grr pronoun expresses that this gender journey requires creativity and fun. Grr wants to use a box that emphasizes exploration of gender in a fun way. Grr wants to make light of our cultural obsession with gender.
c.Confidence: Tigrr. You know the song. ‘The wonderful thing about tiggers. Is tiggers are wonderful things. Their tops are made out of rubber. Their bottoms are made out of springs. Their bouncey, trouncey, flouncey, pouncey, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun. The most wonderful thing about tiggers is that I’m the only one. I’m the only one.’ (Really this video helps!) Connecting oneself to the tigger energy gives grr confidence. Tigger claims an extraordinary ability to bounce, as grr claims a non-traditional gender pronoun.

“So Respect. Play. And Confidence.  In combination grr hopes to express grrself, and create a space where grr – and hopefully others – feel safe to explore and question with patience. Even if someone messes up the pronoun, the three attributes point to understanding and growth, rather than guilt. For some, gender is a point of struggle and self-hatred for various reasons and outcomes. The grr pronoun hopes to give creatures more space to identify outside of the gender binary or their assigned gender at birth, continue to question if needed, and ALWAYS enjoy grr life journey.”

Background note from Ollie: I came up with the grr pronoun for myself four months ago when I seriously needed to control my anxiety. The possibility that I was trans was really sinking in and I felt an overwhelming internal pressure to define myself. Using and creating the grr gender pronoun helped me a lot, and still does through the DragonBeast character. I’ve spent many moments singing the tigger song to myself.