Coming out, Without Saying the Words.

Question: Would LGBTQIAH… peoples increase acceptance & understanding in their communities more by building up confidence or coming out? This video by Kamari really got me thinking about coming out. There’s so much… Continue reading

Family Matters

We have a right to protect those we love. To protect the soil we grow on. To seek justice for those who have been wronged. We have a right to love our children,… Continue reading

5.5 Months on T!

The changes the changes the changes. I haven’t been writing much lately because I really wanted to experience puberty without writing down every little piece. Too caught in the details, and not enough… Continue reading

Ten Different Geometries

Purple as the blossom On a lily pad flower Drawing flies to the nectar Where pollen snuggles into hairs. At once reproducing Into a marvelous and splendid sea Where the waves curl and… Continue reading

200 Mile March for Fair Food in Florida!

Quick Update! I have joined the Coalitions of Immokalee Workers in Florida for a 200 mile March for Rights, Respect, and Fair Food.We’re on our fourth day, expected to end on March 17th.… Continue reading

The Voyeur

Words churn And scream At her As she sits Unsure Who will look Who will see Who will hear. Worried about A voyeur – The person behind In her head Whispering Soft things… Continue reading

Tribute to Zimba

Zimba is always certain When and where she walks. As the outdoor breeze Settles in lungs Through a perked nose, Specks of black hairs Rise out of dominantly White eyebrows lifting up Over… Continue reading

Forward on Climate Change Rally! (Feb 17)

Forward on Climate Change: February 17 After getting on that train… I traveled to a protest on Climate Change and Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline! I met up with students from Antioch University.… Continue reading

Week 2 T Shot Didn’t Go Well

Note to self on T injections. 1. Eat first 2. Watch DIY Videos 3. Ask someone to sit with me 4. Take my time 5. Relax the leg 6. Don’t freak out! I… Continue reading

The Red Pill Comes as a One Way Train.

One week ago I quit my job and left Long Island. I packed my big backpack with the bare essentials – clothes, notebooks, computer, blanket, cologne, vibrator, and testosterone. Leaving behind all remnants… Continue reading